Welcome and thank you!

Welcome and thank you!

Hello! Thank you so much for purchasing the Light Pentest eBook edition! We've put a ton of blood (not really), sweat (a little) and tears (of happiness) creating this content, and we sincerely hope and pray that it provides value to you in your information security career. We are already on expanding the eBook with new content, and you will get that automatically when we do. I repeat: you will not have to pay for new editions of the book as they become available. Yay. Tell your friends. Tell my mom!

As a small and shameless bit of self-promotion, if you like what you read in this book and want to practice your new pentesting skills in a hands-on, live, instructor-led environment, then please check out the Light Pentest LITE (Live Interactive Training Experience)! More information is available on 7 Minute Security's training page.

Anyway, thanks again for checking out this eBook, and please feel free to ping us with comments/questions suggestions anytime on:


Brian Johnson

7 Minute Security

P.S. - want a sneak peek at the goodies in this book? Check out the next section!

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