Light Pentest: eBook Edition

A practical, step-by-step playbook for internal network penetration testing

Course Curriculum

The Light Pentest eBook is a practical, step-by-step playbook for internal network penetration testing. Topics covered include:

  • Grabbing and analyzing packet captures
  • Abusing insecure network protocols
  • Exploiting (the lack of) SMB signing
  • Capturing, cracking and passing hashes
  • Locating high-value targets with DNS zone transfers
  • Exploiting vulnerable Group Policy Objects
  • Scraping screenshots of Web interfaces with WitnessMe
  • Finding and cracking "Kerberoastable" and "ASREPRoastable" Active Directory accounts
  • Dumping, passing and cracking hashes from domain controllers

Each topic is complemented by plenty of screenshots, code snippets and examples so you can take this information and immediately use it to become a better offender - and/or defender - of networks!

Your Instructor

Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is the president of 7 Minute Security, which specializes in security assessments, penetration testing and training.

He is especially passionate about teaching others about security and hosts a weekly blog/podcast to help consumers and businesses strengthen their security posture.

When he isn’t camped out behind a keyboard, he enjoys outdoor activities with his family, as well as singing and playing guitar in an acoustic duo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait a sec, is this a "course" or an "eBook"?
This is an eBook! However, it pairs VERY well with the Light Pentest LITE (Live Interactive Training Experience) which provides the opportunity for you to practice these skills in a lab in an instructor-led environment. Head to 7 Minute Security's training page to learn more:
How long do I have access to this eBook?
Forever and a day!
Do I have to pay for future updates and revisions to this eBook?
Nope! Buy it once, get updates forever.

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